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Writing an Irresistible Picture Book

Hosted by
Mary Kole
August 22nd
11:00 am CDT

Here is What You'll Learn

Picture Book Insights

The average picture book is only 600 words. How hard can that be to write?! This question leads a lot of aspiring authors down the road of the picture book. While picture books are easy and fun to read—they can be extremely challenging to write well! Join me on an exploration of this amazing, engaging, and colorful category of children’s books.

Insider Perspective

I edit hundreds of picture book projects each year, and have insights on them from a craft perspective, as well as my time as a children’s book literary agent.

Avoid Common Pitfalls

Picture books are very easy to do wrong. In this webinar, I go into insights that will help you stand out in the slush pile and answer common questions, like whether you need to work with an illustrator before you submit.

Who Should Attend

This information-packed, engaging hourlong webinar is for picture book writers in fiction and nonfiction categories. If you can’t make the webinar date and time, don’t worry. Live attendance isn’t required, and you will receive a replay link to watch the presentation on demand, with no expiration date.


About Mary Kole

Former literary agent Mary Kole provides consulting and developmental editing services to writers of all categories and genres, working on children’s book projects from picture book to young adult, and all kinds of trade market literature, including fantasy, sci-fi, romance and memoir.

She holds an MFA in Creative Writing and has worked at Chronicle Books, the Andrea Brown Literary Agency, and Movable Type Management. She has been blogging at since 2009. Her book, Writing Irresistible Kidlit, a writing reference guide for middle grade and young adult writers, is available from Writer's Digest Books.

August 22nd
11:00 am CDT
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