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The Next Step: Evaluating Your Current WIP and Moving Forward Webinar

Hosted by
Mary Kole
October 24th
11:00 am CDT

Here is What You'll Learn

Big Questions About Your Manuscript

One of the most pressing questions I get is: When do I know when my manuscript is finished? After devoting weeks, months, or years to your WIP, how do you know when it’s done? Does it have a chance in the marketplace? What if it does? What if it doesn’t? How do you receive feedback and insight when making this big decision?

What Is "Done"?

This is obviously a very personal and emotional question. But in this webinar, I will explore the idea of “done” and figuring out the next step that’s right for you and your project. My goal for writers is to provide some market-based clarity, as well as speak to the creative side of making choices for your current project, and those that follow. Do you submit? Do you put the project in the drawer? My insights here might surprise you.

Useful for All Writers

This webinar is for fiction and creative nonfiction writers of all skill levels, and in all categories. Even picture book writers are welcome! This hour-long exploration is just the beginning of your career-oriented decision-making process when it comes to approaching your current or next project.

Replay On Demand!

If you can’t make the webinar date and time, don’t worry. Live attendance isn’t required, and you will receive a replay link to watch the presentation on demand, with no expiration date.


About Mary Kole

Former literary agent Mary Kole provides consulting and developmental editing services to writers of all categories and genres, working on children’s book projects from picture book to young adult, and all kinds of trade market literature, including fantasy, sci-fi, romance and memoir.

She holds an MFA in Creative Writing and has worked at Chronicle Books, the Andrea Brown Literary Agency, and Movable Type Management. She has been blogging at since 2009. Her book, Writing Irresistible Kidlit, a writing reference guide for middle grade and young adult writers, is available from Writer's Digest Books.

October 24th
11:00 am CDT
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