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Rock Your Writing Goals Webinar

Hosted by
Mary Kole
December 26th
11:00 am CST

Here is What You'll Learn

Inspiration for A Successful Writing Year

This inspiring, creative webinar is a great way to get in the right frame of mind for a successful writing year. There's advice here for writing, creativity, and living a more artistic life in general.

Why You Need to Take Yourself Seriously

A lot of creative pursuits are about inspiration and attitude. It sounds trite, but it's true! Learn how to find and keep motivation, and feel good about your writing in the process.

How to Deal With Blocks and Disappointment

The writing life is full of blocks and disappointments. But resilient writers know how to overcome these obstacles. Mary will talk you through some reframing that will help you weather your own inevitable writing storms.

How to Set and Shoot for Your Goals

Goal-setting is the key to reaching your goals. Learn how to set goals in a kind and actionable way to set yourself up for less stress and more success.


About Mary Kole

Former literary agent Mary Kole provides consulting and developmental editing services to writers of all categories and genres, working on children’s book projects from picture book to young adult, and all kinds of trade market literature, including fantasy, sci-fi, romance and memoir.

She holds an MFA in Creative Writing and has worked at Chronicle Books, the Andrea Brown Literary Agency, and Movable Type Management. She has been blogging at since 2009. Her book, Writing Irresistible Kidlit, a writing reference guide for middle grade and young adult writers, is available from Writer's Digest Books.

December 26th
11:00 am CST
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